at the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, Iowa

Wednesday, January 29 through Saturday, February 1, 2003

Photos by John Lindquist.

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Chuck Grubb attended the event and e-mailed me a mess of his digital photos, and they deserve their own page. Click here.

Wednesday evening:

  • X  MC Bob Hale speaks of the last occasion when he and his wife spent some time with the Big Bopper (February, 1959).
  • X  J.P. Richardson, Jr. ("Big Bopper, Jr.")
  • X  Narvel Felts.
  • X  Johnny Preston.
  • X  Ar Stevens, backing up Johnny Preston.
  • X  Frankie Ford.
  • X  Rockin' Robin.
  • X  Danny and the Juniors.

Thursday evening:

  • X  J.P. Richardson, Jr. – the main MC of the four-day event
  • X X X X X X  The Comets – featuring Al Rappa, bass player for Bill Haley's original Comets in 1959-69.
  • X X X X  Jason D. Williams.
  • X  Richie Lee singing the songs of Ritchie Valens.
  • X X  The Vees.

Friday afternoon:

  • X X X X  Jason D. Williams' matinee show.

Friday evening:

  • X  The Persuasions.
  • X X X X  Gary U. S. Bonds and family.
  • X  Randy Chesterman, perennial host of the Friday night sock hop.

Saturday afternoon in the Surf Lounge:

  • X  The Vibrochamps.

Saturday evening:

  • X  The Nelsons.
  • X  Marshall Crenshaw.
  • X  The Blasters.
  • X X X X X X  The capstone of the evening was the suprise appearance of Elvis impersonator Jamie Aaron Kelley and his spontaneously-assembled backup band led by Donnie Briggs.

Miscellaneous shots taken around the area:

  • X  The marker at the crash site.
  • X  Looking south across the field from the marker.
  • X  The historic old phone at the Surf.
  • X  A bug's eye view of the Surf stage.
  • X  Some of the grafitti on the backstage walls.

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