Photos from "50s IN FEBRUARY"
at the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, Iowa

Thursday through Saturday, February 2-4, 2006

Photos by John Lindquist.

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Thursday Night at the Surf Ballroom:

A1-A3: The Mezcal Brothers.

B1-B4: Charlie Gracie.

C1-C2: Narvel Felts.

D1-D8: Jason D. Williams.

E1    E2    E2    E4

F1    F2    F3    F4

G1    G2

H1    H2    H3    H4
H5    H6    H7

Friday Night at the Surf Ballroom:

E1-E4: The Lustre Kings.

F1-F4: Tommy Allsup and Johnny Rogers. They are joined in Photo F4 by Ritchie Lee.

G1-G2: Wanda Jackson.

H1-H7: The Nelson Brothers with their guitarist Cary Park.



K1    K2    K3

L1    L2    L3    L4
L5    L6


Saturday Night at the Surf Ballroom:

I1: Emcees Ed and George.

J1: The Josh Holmes Band.

K1-K3: Johnny Star and the Meteors.

L1-L6: The Crickets: Joe Mauldin (Photo L1), Jerry Allison (L2) and Sonny Curtis (L3 & L4). They are joined by Albert Lee (L4-L6), actually a member of the group circa 1974. (Note the personnel list here.)

M1: A tribute to Bob Montgomery with Kevin Montgomery & Co.

N1    N2


And in additon:

N1-N2: The Starboard Market Deli on Main Street in Clear Lake. One wishes one could stay for dinner after finishing lunch.

N3: A nice sunrise seen from the east end of town.

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