Photos from "50s IN FEBRUARY"
at the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, Iowa

Thursday through Saturday, Jan. 31-Feb. 2, 2008

Photos by John Lindquist.

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Following are my photos from the 2008 event, and
a page of Matt Lincoln's digital photos are here.

A1    A2

B1    B2

A Few Opening Shots:

A1-A2: The truck stop at Floyd, Iowa has become a regular stop coming and going.

B1-B2: Here are a couple shots on the way to the crash site which is seen in photos on our other Clear Lake web pages.

C1    C2    C3    C4    C5
C6    C7    C8

Thursday Afternoon at the Clear Lake Middle School:

C1-C8: Scenes from this year's program at the Clear Lake Middle School that helps to fund the Winter Dance Party Musical Scholarships and Awards Program.

D1    D2


F1    F2

G1    G2    G3

X1    X2    X3    X4

Thursday Night at the Surf Ballroom:

D1-2: Sleepy LaBeef and band.

E1: The MCs for the event.

F1-2: Speedo and the Cadillacs.

G1-3: Jay and the Americans.

X1-4: Here are photos (by Matt Lincoln) of someone who snuck in without a ticket! At concert's end she was certainly half in the bag. Later that night she ran off with the Travelocity Gnome.

H1    H2    H3    H4    H5
H6    H7    H8    H9    H10

I1    I2    I3    I4    I5
I6    I7

Friday Night at the Surf Ballroom:

H1-H10: Tommy Allsup and Johnny Rogers with special appearances by Sherry Holley (in H4 and H5), former Cricket Jerry Naylor (in H9) and the original Peggy Sue (in H10).

I1-I7: Flash Cadillac.


K1    K2    K3

L1    L2    L3

A few general shots to insert at this point:

J1: This year's ticket.

K1-K3: A few shots of the Surf Ballroom on Saturday afternoon. Bob Hale is being interviewed in K2.

L1-L3: At a suggestion from one of us (me) who has already experienced such a rare thing, the popular Starboard Market Deli on Main Street (our daily stopping place for lunch) formulated a Pomegranate Meringue Pie which is shown in L3. As indicated in the photo, we didn't give it much of a chance to set up before its consumption, but (as I predicted) it turned out to be a culinary highlight of the weekend. Guaranteed to sweeten up anyone. (Kellie was done so proud.)

M1    M2

N1    N2

O1    O2

P1    P2    P3

Q1    Q2    Q3    Q4

R1    R2

S1    S2    S3    S4    S5
S6    S7


Saturday Night at the Surf Ballroom:

M1-M2: Tommy Vee backed up many of the acts performing this weekend at the Surf.

N1-N2: Jack Knife and the Sharps – a special added attraction for this evening's show.

O1-O2: Dave Somerville of the original Diamonds.

P1-P3: The Chiffons.

Q1-Q4: Sonny Burgess and the Pacers.

R1-R2: The Belmonts.

S1-S7: The Crickets. Lead singer and guitarist Sonny Curtis is shown in S1 proudly adjusting his "farmer's friend" (i.e., the capo). S4 and S5 show Joe Mauldin (on Tommy Vee's bass) and Jerry Allison (not hidden by his cymbals as is usually the case). The legendary Ar Stevens is shown in S6.

T1: As we headed out the back door after the concert, we were greeted by this scene.

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